Chrissy Mason

After being heavy most of her life, Chrissy decided to make a change. She decided to lead a healthier life and lost 60 pounds. Eight years and four children later she has kept the weight off and wants to help other people who have also decided to make that change in their lives. Chrissy has been teaching group exercise programs and personal training since 2002. Her clients range in age from 9 to almost 75 years young. Some of her certifications include Stability Ball Training, Martial Arts Exercise, R.I.P.P.E.D and Advanced Resistance Training.

Kim Boeckmann



Dana Court

My fitness journey started when I was in college. I entered a few 5k races with my best friend and became an avid runner. We ran a few half marathons locally and even down in Florida at Disney! Running was a great stress reliever as well as a way to push myself to my limits. After college I turned to HIIT training and clean eating and found this to be most rewarding for my health and fitness. I love to push myself and others to eat well and train hard. After all, the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

John Weller

My fitness story started about 5 years ago when a coworker of mine put up a simple post on social media, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. So what do you think?” I decided at that point that I needed to make lifestyle changes to get me moving in the right direction. At that same time another friend of mine respectively forced me into racing a Spartan Race, It was the hardest thing I had done to date, but as hard as it was, I fell in love. I decided that I wanted to do more, so I started training. In 1 year I lost around 100lbs going from close to 300 lbs down to under 200 lbs. I still compete in Spartan races ranging from 5 miles to 35 miles every year.Fitness is a way of life, live it love it.



Lucy Ludwig

Before Lucy found Zumba she was overweight, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, and was tired all the time. Since discovering a FUN way to exercise, Lucy has lost over 50 pounds, quit smoking, and has more energy now than she did when in her 20's! Zumba has changed her life and she wants to do the same for you! Her Zumba classes are so much more than a fitness program, they're about friendship, family, and support of each other's dreams and goals.



Nicole Ludwig

Nicole is a certified Zumba instructor. Prior to getting certified, she would occasionally go to her mother’s Zumba classes. She has always been a shy person and never liked being the center of attention. Gradually the more she went to Zumba, the more confident she came to be. She slowly found herself enjoying Zumba and the person she was becoming, and that lead her to want to teach her own classes. Now she enjoys pulling others out of their comfort zone and helping them build their own confidence.

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